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General Electric Oec 9900 Elite C Arm Part 1

General Electric OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm Tour Part 2

The GE OEC 9900 Tour part two. Part one is here: youtube

General Electric OEC 9900 Elite C Arm Part 1

General Electric OEC 9900 Elite C Arm Part 1.

How to Properly Move a C Arm In and Out and End Up in the Same Place

CMworldservices got a chance to work with Radiologist Dr. Bowman. We got a chance to go into CHOMP and put together a ...

GE OEC 9900 SmartView

See how the GE OEC 9900 SmartView pivot joint helps perfect mobile C-arm positioning.

GE 9900 Elite C-Arm System

A video by GE Healthcare showing the use of a 9900 C-Arm system for Pain Management use. KenQuest Medical provides sales ...

OEC 9900 Elite Aortic Aneurysm Repair

Professor Haulon desctribes his successful use of an OEC 9900 Elite Motorized system during complex vascular procedures.

OEC 9800 vs 9600 C-Arm

A side-by-side comparison of two of the most popular C-arm models in use today- the OEC 9800 and 9600. For more on C-arms, ...

OEC 9900 C-Arm Demo

Overview of a newly-refurbished OEC 9900 C-arm. Foot brakes, range of motion, handswitch, footswitch, and imaging chain ...

How to Connect an OEC 9900 to PACS

Step-by-step instructions to connect an OEC 9900 C-arm to your PACS network. To view this video in its entirety and other helpful ...

How to Use a C-arm: Profiles

A walk through of the profiles available on OEC Elite C-arms. This video will show the different look each profile gives an image.

Roadmapping Version 1

How to do one version of Roadmapping.

OEC Elite CFD Ergo C Overview Video

Overview video of the features and benefits on the OEC Elite CFD Ergo C mobile C-arm.

OEC 9900 Hardware Features

Overview of OEC 9900 flat screen monitors, monitor boom arm, updated keyboard, and video outputs. For more OEC 9900 ...